KnU Case Study

A fashion portal for little boys and girls

Work process

We follow an organized work process that helps us maximize the potential and value of your brand at every step.

1. Imagine

2. Ideate

3. Invest

4. Interact

5. Inspire

6. Elaborate

Case Study

K & U wanted a strategy to increase their Facebook Likes organically and boost engagement on social media. As they were participating in an exhibition in Mumbai during 2013, we conceptualized an event called ‘Style Icon 2013’ wherein we would encourage young kids to click a photo wearing their best style. Their photos were then uploaded on Facebook and the one with maximum likes would become the winner of the event.


K & U received more than 2000-3000 likes within a 15-days duration of the event. Also, a lot of new parents and kids became aware of the brand and its clothing range, thus giving them an opportunity to expand their customer base. All the kids who participated in the event established a special connection with the brand and turned into loyal customers for a long time!


It was a great experience for Paarambi to be a part of this exciting event that transformed the way customers interacted and perceived the brand. From being a clothing store, K & U now became a household name as all parents were encouraging their friends and family to visit the Facebook page and like their kids’ photos. It was an excellent activity in terms of brand awareness, customer retention and also social media promotions.