Creativity has the power to transform our society.
Impact of over-expectations on children
While all parents expect their kids to be Number 1 in everything they do, sometimes it can lead to various problems in the minds and hearts of little ones.
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Your destiny is in your hands
While you may be born with the best horoscope, bad habits like smoking can ruin your life as well as the lives of your loved ones.
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Save our elephants
Let’s pledge to save our wild elephants and protect them with the slaughter of ivory sellers so that our future generations get to witness this wonderful animal in real and not just pictures.
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Vote for a better tomorrow
We can lead change by example as when we vote, not only do we ensure a better future for our kids, but also set a responsible example for when they grow up.
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Smoking leads to slow death
Unlike a gunshot wound, smoking doesn’t take your life in the very instant. But it definitely paves the way for a slow and painful future.
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Say no to child Labour
While our country promotes an anti-child labour rule, are we really supporting the cause? Or are we taking away their childhood and learning years for jobs?
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Drive Cautiously
In an age ruled by traffic and bad road safety, our lives are in much more danger on the roads than by terror threats. Safe driving can improve our roads and ensure everyone reaches home safely to their loved ones.
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