Work process

We follow an organized work process that helps us maximize the potential and value of your brand at every step.

1. Imagine

2. Ideate

3. Invest

4. Interact

5. Inspire

6. Elaborate

Case Study

Avnet was facing an issue with employee referrals as they had lost credibility amongst their team members who referred their friends. The company wanted to create a campaign that encouraged its employees to refer the right friends for the job so that the recruitment scenario would improve in the company. We designed a campaign wherein all the empty spaces (like desks, parking spots, canteen tables, etc.) mentioned that they are reserved for the friends of employees.


The campaign connected well with the employees of Avnet as it assured them that their friends had a real chance of being a part of the organization. Everywhere they went, they could see the collateral of the referral recruitment campaign and thus, many employees started referring their friends for the current openings.


This activity re-established the credibility of Avnet amongst its team and it led to a lot of referrals from their employees, thus creating a conducive hiring environment. We designed screen savers, tent cards, standees, posters and many other collaterals in a way that instantly attracted attention and led to action in the organization.